Main windows changed in folder

When I close the designer after save the project, often, some main windows changed in folder and when restarted the project all contents disappears.
It is impossible recovery the project and I need worked more for reconfig the main windows lost

I am assuming these are Vision windows. Do you see anything in the designer or gateway logs that state there was any exceptions when saving? Is there another user attempting to edit these resources at the same time? Also, if you look in the Gateway’s data/project/$PROJECT_NAME/ dir are there folders that match the names you had assigned to the windows that are not saving?

Jonathan C

I’m not sure if this is related to my issue or not. I can’t remember if I was saving my project or merging changes from the gateway. The resolve conflicts pop-up opened, but didn’t show any actual conflicts so I couldn’t get out of the conflict window. So I killed the task and now when I open my project in designer there is no vision component in the project browser.

Had you previously saved these resources or were they newly created? The reason i ask is if they were newly created and not saved it would be expected that they did not exist on the next launch as they might have not been written to disk. As for the conflict thats odd. If you experience it again and have some steps to reproduce this could you provide them? Also providing the designer logs with the logger designer.update-and-save set to debug would be helpful.

Jonathan C

I opened up a ticket. #92659

It appears the window that I had open at the time got corrupted or wiped out as the data.bin file was empty. The resolve conflicts didn’t show me what the conflict was and wouldn’t let me cancel or close so I had to kill the task. The only conflict I can think of which isn’t really a conflict is I was editing a window that used global templates. If it happens again I’ll take a backup and save log files.

I recently had this happen to me on Ignition 8.1.14 beta. I discovered that our Ignition server storage had completely filled up from a SQL server log file issue. When working on a remote designer if you attempt to save a Vision Window or Vision Template and your Ignition server storage is maxed out, they will change into empty folders.

I know this is an edge case but just in case anyone is having Vision resources change to folders this may be why.

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