Main windows exception in a docked windows project

Hi everyone!
I have my project with docked Windows for navigation and date and different main Windows that are opened on the centre of the screen (in the space left free by docked Windows) following a navigation policy.
Now I want to open another window (with a button in every other Windows) with the sight of the Whole workshop but I want that this window can occupy all the space in the screen and not only the space left free by docked Windows. Is it possible to do this?
Thank you

That would be the normal behaviour of “Main” windows. Sounds like whoever set up your nav policy changed the designer defaults for window size limits.

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I solved using this solution:
the Windows with the sight of the whole whorkshop, is opened from other Windows using buttons that
open this window but also close the docked Windows (that were set with “open on startup”).
In this way I can see my workshop window.
The last problem I have to solve is when I come back to the single Windows(using buttons in different areas), I need to see again all my docked Windows.
Thank you for your help

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I’m going to assume you’re using vision, so why don’t you open a new window in front of the docked windows when you want to view the whole workshop and then close that window when you want to go back to the docked view?