Maintenance requests tracking system

hello everyone,

looking for ideas how to create maintenance requests tracking system.

Rough idea is something like that:

  1. Operator press “Maintenance request” button on machine HMI, optionally adds some info
  2. Request is registered in Ignition database
  3. Maintenance technicians are notified (screen in maintenance room, email, SMS, etc.)

Technicians acknowledges following request stages (logged in database):
Request received
Actually started working

Statistic should be generated (request by the machine, response times, etc.)
Maybe machines could have priorities assigned and technicians would react according to that.

Maybe someone already had project like that.
Any ideas are welcome - both about functionality and technical implementation


Hi @gediminas.labutis, it all sounds plausible, but it would take a bit of development time to implement.

You’re right I’m pretty sure this would’ve already been done. However, I don’t think you’ll get many people sharing too much here, due to IP reasons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That being said, the Exchange has a new Request a Resource section. You could always post about it there, and a generous soul may provide some starting resources if you’re lucky :slight_smile: