I have 36 devices running on kepserver, data logging them using Factory SQL. What is going to happen when 24 of the devices are going to be cut off or on and off at any given time for two weeks due to scheduled maintenance? Will the Kepserver and Factory SQL be able to handle this situation or is my subnets going to be bogged down from Kepserver constantly trying to connect to them, and not getting a response.

Something that’s helped me is to turn on Auto-demotion in KepServer.

It’s explained here.

Hope this helps!


I don’t know much more about kepware’s reconnect policies than what’s in the manual, but have you set up all your devices in separate channels? This is by far the best way to avoid one device hanging up the rest… I remember finding it buried in the kepware help docs, but I haven’t been able to locate it since then.

Here’s some good info from kepware about planned/unplanned downtime.

Separate channels help in an overall strategy to begin with, but auto-demotion will take care of devices that are no longer communicating. Painful experience, that one. :wink:

Indeed, a customer of mine was bit in the rear because they had several PLCs configured in the same channel. When one went offline, KepServer stopped talking to ALL of them. I didn’t know about the auto-demotion feature, though.