Make a container rounded

hey so i have a container that has a Titled border square but i would like to have corners rounded is their easy way to make this happen?

the photo is exampel of what container looks like and what i want to make of it.
using latest version of ignition..

I do this by making the container transparent (Set the Opaque property to False) and then place a rectangle in the container. Then you can round the corners of the rectangle using the circular handle on the rectangle's upper right corner. Set the layout on the rectangle to expand or contract in all directions and it will size itself with the container

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i found somthing to with using rectangle but alote of work so i'll try your methode.

i just don't know what Opaque property is? can you help me a bit here how to set it to False?

When you have the container selected it is one of the available properties in the Property Editor. Make sure your properties filter is set to Standard or All.


i see that i don't have this property to select.

the photo is also what i have now so it looks good only down side is that i have small overlay of back ground so i can't have 2 backrgound colors at once behind my container but that not that big of a problem.

Technically this is possible to do through scripting. Here is an example of doing this for a momentary button, it should be applicable to a container as well.

That code doesn't address the background, but that is also achievable.

I might be able to find some time today to work through that, shouldn't be too difficult.

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i think i'll leave it with what i have now.
not good add scripting and i think it is indeed possible with script but not worth effort or time find out how it all works.

thanks for help anyway! if i had more time for the project i would look more into the scripting part of it!

Can you set the the background color to be transparent? That works for me in version 7.9