Make a fixed view resizable (Factory map image)

I need to have a view resizable for different screen sizes (HMI, tablets, phones) that has a image1920x1080 and components layered on top that cannot be modified due to it needing to be the exact ratio of 1920x1080.

Background -
I created a map of our factory to track the location of moving AGV on the floor. I have a image of the factory at an exact ratio of 1920x1080 correlated to the exact X,Y size (in MM) of the factory. I have a icon that updates its X,Y location as the AGV moves in the factory. The MM of the AGV translates directly to the pixels of the map.

If I’m on a phone viewing this view it is way too big and I have to scroll around to look at the status of the agv. I ultimately want to have this view resize to the resolution of the phone and have a smaller version of it. I tried to have a iframe “window” of the view but it does not scale to the iframe size either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

does it need to be the ratio or the same number of pixels?
because you could set an aspect ratio of 16:9.

better to just use an emmebed view than a iframe though if you already have the view in igntion
iframe is more for exteral websites (or for files)

I need it to shrink to the size of the phone. I made a flex container view and put an embedded view referenced to the 1920x1080 image and it just adds scroll bars if the screen is smaller.

I tried using the percent and a 16x9 aspect ratio thing too but the moving components on the map are referencing x/y value locations (depending on where they are on the map) and dont show up on the screen if its not 1920x1080. I think that is the deal breaker on this now.

You’re directly manipulating components on a single view? Have you tried using the view canvas?

Wow, I never knew this existed. That's kinda cool :slight_smile: Now I just have to find somewhere to use it... haha