Make a table column invisible/visible on Vision

Hello, I would like filter column on table on VISION.

on perspective we have an option that allows us to make an specific column visible or invisible.

I would like to know where option visible/invisible is located on VISION.


I want something like :

Right-click → Customizers → Table Customizer → Hide.

Vision column hide


  1. You have some columns with capital letters - others with lower case. This looks like you are not consistent in your data structure syntax.
  2. If Etat can only be ON or OFF then it could probably be a boolean TRUE / FALSE column.
  3. Vitesse is stored as a string. I would recommend that values be stored as numbers (Integer or Float) and that units (m/s) be stored in a separate column of type String. For example, you can't sort that column because it will come out as "10m/s", "100m/s", "30m/s" in an alphabetic sort.
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Thank you @Transistor . I will change the data type column