Make a time entry of HH:MM:SS that converts to seconds

I have a situation where it is desired to put a time amount (i.e. 2 hours 3 minutes) entered into a numeric entry. I’m using Perspective.

So far, I can have them enter in seconds, and it displays in correct format using ##:##:## for format of my numeric entry format, but when they click on it, it goes back to minutes.

i.e. display would show 00:05:00 for 5 minutes but when you click on it, it goes to 300 for seconds. Entering 600 would then show 00:10:00 resulting.

I basically need it to let them enter and display in the ##:##:## format, but for the entered number to actually be in seconds…


I think for data entry you will have to use a string tag, then convert string to time, then convert time to unsigned integer.

Yes, I’d display/edit a string property and connect it both ways with the seconds tag via scripting–take entered values and convert to time and integer for write to your seconds tag as @AustralIan suggests and when seconds value changes (not from a new entry in string property on this client) convert it the other way to update your string property.