Make a Vision Template with a droppable Tag that you can reference multiple properties inside

I am wondering if its possible to make a vision template with the following:

  • Droppable customizer where i can map a tag
  • Make it so sub components can take different portions of the mapped tag (one item references its value and the other references its name

What I am trying to achieve is that i have a device control popup screen and i want to show the alarms that are associated with that device and whether they are currently in alarm or not.

I have done this manually, but it is error prone as it involves a lot of manual clicking.

What my ideal situation would be (though i assume igntion currently doesnt support this behaviour) is the ability to make a customizer that links to a tag in its entirely, then allows me to reference its properties within the template.

This or the ability to make a table and be able to quickly drag tags to it to allow me to construct a map of all the alarm tags that apply to said device and view each of the alarms name and value

It’s not quite as easy of an experience, but I’d recommend a simple string parameter on the template that forms the ‘base’ tag path. Then it’s easy to build indirection off of that base path in other bindings/scripts/etc within the template.
It’s also going to be more performant/less of a bottleneck down the road, too.

Not ideal but i can make that work yeah.
I was able to make a big template for the whole screen and incorperate all of the tags i needed to bind in it with this method.

Its a shame you cant reference a whole tag as a customizer and then just get to take parts of it as needed though.

You may change your mind as you get used to the idea. Most Ignition experts use it everywhere.