Make an image breathe and timer component?

Hi I start using perspective and vision, and with my project in perspective I already make an image to be visible when a tag value is 1, but i would like it not only to show the image when the tag is 1, i would like the image to have a breathe effect when visible, theres a way to do this ?

also in vision I know that theres a timer component, someone know if theres something similar on the perspective components because i didnt find any

CSS, see if one in the link is what you are after.

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Do you have an example of a breathe effect?

OP probably meant pulse or heartbeat

something like this

style classes have a animation toggle, try turning that on and playing with the settings to see if you can get what you want.

Yes, look in the link above.

Here are some examples of CSS (from, this is using the advanced style sheet released in 8.1.22 and using a label component. (8.7 KB)

I highly recommend you read up on CSS, themes in Ignition, and styles in Ignition