Make application update & restart without prompting

Is there a way to make my HMI unmanned/fully-automated? I would like it to download & run any program updates automatically without prompting the user, (like it does in red letters in the menu bar). Preferably, I would like to do this programmatically, so if the HMI is in unmanned mode it would be automated, but not if it’s in interactive mode. (The unmanned mode means it’s running on a large sign where the computer is normally inaccessible.)

No, this is currently not possible. It is becoming one of the more frequent feature requests, however, so we’re definately thinking about it. Its a little tricky - it seems like everyone wants it to work in slightly different ways, but we’ll figure something out.

What do you think about passing client side parameters to allow this? You’d also want to be able to centrally trigger an update from the gateway. That’s my $.02

Push update mode has been available since FactoryPMI 3.2.4.