Make Carousel overflow visible

I try to make the Carousel overflow to visible so my embedded view content can show out of the Carousel box.

I search the theme folder but no file related to this component.
Also, trying to debug and find out the related class in chrome debug mode but can’t find its class.
Thanks for any help.

You will need to change a bunch of stuff for this to work.

[data-component=“ia.display.carousel”]{overflow:visible !important;}
[data-component=“ia.display.carousel”] .display-interaction-container .scrollable-slide-container{overflow:visible !important;}
[data-component=“ia.display.carousel”] .display-interaction-container .scrollable-slide-container .main-slide-container .view-container{overflow:visible !important;}

(also be sure to set your chart to oveflow visible as the zip you provided in the other topic didnt have it like that :p)

Oh wait this doesnt work if there are multiple in a carousel xd
i mean the overflwo works but its not what you want xd
Heh the width is kinda acting weird by changing the overflow for some reason. Guess it might not be a good idea to do this xd Seems ignition realy slides the containers to the side instead of making them invisible or something and some wierd things happen with the size. Altho overflow really shouldnt affect that…

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