Make component bigger?

Is there anyway to make this component bigger? I have has some complaints from users saying it a bit small.

You seem to have made the component bigger already. It seems you're asking about the Numeric Entry Field popup which appears when the component is set to mode : button.

Which elements do you want to scale up? The numeric field and the buttons?

Try injecting the following the following CSS into the component's

  ia_inputField {font-size: 2.875rem;} 
  button {height: 60px;}

This will affect other components on the view.

Yes I want to scale up both items. I will try the suggestion.

So I tried adding this

}ia_numericEntryFieldComponent__modal_content {width: 600px;}{

as a project styles and a backgrouond image and i get no change in the size of the box. what am i missing?

You need to improve your communications a bit.

  1. What were you trying to achieve with that modification?
  2. Did you add that (as stated in your post) or did you substitute that for my CSS?

Use your browser Developer Tools, choose the inspector, click on the element you want to modify and adjust the CSS properties to get the effect you want. Usually you can select a numeric entry and use the up / down cursor keys to increase / decrease the value. When you've figured out what needs to be adjusted then try and copy that into the CSS injection.

My mistake, I copied a something else like a dummy. After fooling around with it, I found a few other things I wanted change. Thank you Transistor!