Make Date Range's Magnifying-Glass Icon Bigger

How do I make the Date Range component’s magnifying glass icons bigger/larger/easier-to-see?

Unfortunately there is no way to change the size of those icons as of right now, without delving into the SDK and custom Java.

You can also suggest this as a feature to be added to Igntion here.


zoomIn = event.source.parent.getComponent(‘lblZoomIn’).getIcon()
zoomOut = event.source.parent.getComponent(‘lblZoomOut’).getIcon()

dateRange = event.source.parent.getComponent(‘Date Range’)

preferredSize = dateRange.getComponents()[1].getSize()
preferredSize.height = 55


Hi rayjones,

Apologies for misinforming you. Turns out there is a way to edit our icons in the date range component. JPark brought this to my attention. You will want to create a button for the script and two labels named ‘lblZoomIn’ and ‘lblZoomOut’. For each of these labels, you will want to edit the Image Path so that they display the icons you wish to replace the default date range icons with. These can be custom icons, downloaded images, or our built-in images. Once you have that set up, verify that your date range component is named ‘Date Range’, paste the script JPark sent into the button, and click the button. This should set your icons to the larger custom icons.