Make image object transparent


I have a float tag that change it’s value from 0 to 1 in sin wave form. I want to bind this tag to an image object to create some nice blinking effect that slowly fade out image and fade in again. But the visibility property of the image object accept other value than zero to TRUE, and NOT transparent according to tag value.(ex 0.5 mean half transparent)
I can’t find any properties for alpha channel to make whole image transparency dynamic.
Can someone make this effect in scripting?

thanks a lot

It may be easier/faster to put a rectangle over the image and adjust the transparency of that. Example attached.

Fading Image_2018-09-10_0718.proj (7.9 KB)

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please take a look at below demo which arrow fade out and in in every sec.
As I mentioned I want some sort of animation effect that make transparency of image dynamic and relate it to a tag.
I believe I can do this in ignition with scripting but I don’t have enough knowledge in Python.

animated gifs are supported, if you can create a fading arrow as a gif… I haven’t found a way to resize them though, so make sure that you create the size you want when you start out.
It’s not a very clean solution, but it’s one more option to consider

You may also want to look into using a paintablecanvas instead, using the drawImage() function it has - may take some googling though, and translating from java to jython.

There’s also the arrow drawing tool, that you can adjust position and colors.
Fading Moving Arrow_2018-09-10_1432.proj (8.5 KB)

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I need a solution to work with images the arrow object is an example I need fade effect to any object.
Is’t there any method or library in java for making object transparent?

This will be easily possible in SVG under HTML5 client by changing the Opacity property of any object and binding it with the Ignition Tag. (I guess the example given uses SVG/Canvas). Hopefully with the upcoming new Perspective module of Ignition, will be possible to achieve this,on new HTML5 clients. Not sure if opacity property of an object can be changed in present JAVA swing based clients of Ignition.

Thanks everyone for your help and support.
So now I try to draw my object in svg and import it to ignition and use JordanCClark technique to make that effect.
By the way is it possible scale and position of an image bind to a tag by using script?