Make the property binding screen non-modal

Can you please put an ‘Apply’ button on the screen and make it non-modal? It is a major PITA trying to debug an expression or the interaction between an expression and a global script when you have to close the window after ever change. It gets worse it there is an error in the expression because then you can’t close the window to open another (working) expression to compare.

Same goes for Action Configuration screen. Except it has an Apply button but it’s wasted cause you can’t do anything to test the new code until you close the window :unamused:


Often I will make use of the “Interactive Script Tester” (Tools>Advanced>Script Playground) when debugging code. There, I can do just about everything I can do in any script.

There’s just a little more overhead to get references to components. I usually have to use code like the following to get needed references:

from fpmi.gui import getWindow window = getWindow("Window Name") component = window.rootContainer.getComponent("Component Name") ...
Once I have the required references, I then experiment by entering code into the buffer and clicking Run Buffer.

When I have refined/determined the code I need, I just highlight the code in the upper third of the Script Tester (i.e., History) and press to copy it to the clipboard. I then paste the code into an action script and eliminate/clean up any component references and am good to go.