Maker Activation

Hello, I have installed maker on a windows 64 bit VM with no other ignition software or previous installs. I am trying to use the activation key that was created when i registered and downloaded maker. My problem is that the key is not recognized. Ignition activation is looking for a 6 digit key. The key i got was 8 digits plus a dash. Also got an activation token, but not sure what to do with that???

Standard Ignition or Ignition Edge uses the 6-digit key. If you have a fresh install, you should get a commissioning phase on first launch that lets you put in the license key (8 digits) and activation token. Make sure you select Maker Edition at that first prompt and you’ll see where you enter your license information after the EULA acceptance.

Hi, same problem here.
How can I get that first prompt again?

You should be able to delete the internal DB at data/db/config.idb and the commissioning.json file in the same data directory and restart the gateway to see the edition selection screen again.

We are working at making it easier to re-select the edition, however its designed to be a one-way selection so we have to be a bit careful about how he do it.

I’m still not able to get the selection screen, even after a reinstall.
After EULA, setup ask me the user name/password, port configuration, then the ‘gateway is starting’ screen.
Still trying to figure out how to put that 8 digit license…

P.S. Checking the zip file. It say ‘8.0.15- SNAPSHOT’
That’s right?

No, sounds like you downloaded the nightly.

Maker is part of 8.0.14 and I don’t know if the 8.0.14 release branch was merged back into 8.0.15 to be part of the nightlies yet.

Then, solution is…?? I just followed the link that was posted on IA’s twitter.

The only link I see takes you to, and the download button takes you to an IA account page with a link to download installers, not zip files. I’m not sure what link you followed but it sounds like you ended up at somehow.

You should be able to download an 8.0.14 installer from

You are right Kevin. After the account page, I was redirected here ->
There I got the license and the zip file.
I’ll try your link.
Thank you.