Maker Edition License Help

Just a quick one, I'm using maker edition and have had a project running for months with no nag for license until today.
It now says 2 hours...

My confusion is how have I never seen this until now? If there an initial 'longer trial period' when you first install maker edition?

Is the license still active? Is it still connected to the internet?

Take a look at the Config->Licensing page of the Gateway Web UI.. There should be a status on the license that will provide some insight..

I'm not at home at the moment to check but is the expected behaviour for maker edition to always only give 2 hour runtime at a time?
Could you explain why i've never seen that message before?

If you're seeing the trial banner in Maker edition, it is an indication that there is something wrong with the 8-digit license. One example (other than a network connectivity problem between that gateway and where this would manifest is if you logged into your IA account and regenerated the Activation Token for the corresponding License Key you're using on that Maker gateway (without updating the gateway). In this scenario, the activation session would eventually try to renew and be denied (due to an invalid/expired activation token). It would revert to the 2-hour trial period.

Thank you!
The gateway computer wasn't connected to the internet. Silly me!

Sometimes it is nice when the fix is easy. :slight_smile: