Maker Historical Data from SQLite

Have a home greenhouse project active. Have Maker setup on a RPi and all seems to be running well. PLC is a Click from AD. Trying to trend some Historical data from a SQLite database I have running on the Pi. When I try to link Tag History tags for the trend, all entries report the current value for all timestamps. I get the same response with a Time Series Chart, a Power Chart, and a Table. If I change the query on the table to tall it's interesting as the quality reports 200. In pulling real data via DB Browser - there are entries as expected based on Deadband, etc. all with Quality of 192 - so the data store side of the Historian is working great - just something weird with the Historical Data query. I have used this same setup on a work Ignition project in the past with Vision during the coding/simulation phase with zero issues. Any thoughts out there?


Hello Eric.
I have been using a tag history query on my maker system as well. I don't know if this is helpful but I am getting data via a tag history binding and this is how I set mine up.

It seems this is what you have done.