Maker License Inactive

After entering my License key (xxxx-yyyy) and generated token the license sequence starts with 'pending’but after a few seconds it tells me that it’s ‘inactive’ and that its ‘unable to activate’ the license aslo a message says: ‘not yet valid’ with a date-timestamp

What could be the reason for this

Is your computer’s local time correct? Are you able to reach the licensing server, Can you check Ignition’s logs for full details of any error(s) that might be being logged?

this url isn’t reachable!

More specifically,

I receive this:
{“message”:“Missing Authentication Token”}\

Yes, that’s expected. The main question is whether something in your local environment was preventing you from reaching that URL. The other questions from my original post still apply.

Also when i test it on my phone with 4G connection (outside home) it won’t connect to

if I put https:// infront it will comeback with this:


One more try, before I remove Maker, cause I don’t have Internet Access…
The Make License key is 3 by 3 (not 4 by 4 from Ignition Acct) and doesn’t give me enough time to enter both the Key and Token on the registration form.
Any advise would be greatly appreciated…

@pweber, unfortunately, you’ll need to have internet access for Maker Edition to periodically validate/refresh its leased license.

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