Maker update to 8.1 on rpi

Hi I’ve just upgraded Ignition 8.0.16 Maker Edition to 8.1 on my Raspberry Pi.
I’ve used this instalation file from IA webpage: Ignition - Linux ARMHF 32-bit zip
Instalation done according to instruction in readme file inside of instalation zip.
It seems that after upgrade there is a full Ignition installed instedad of Maker edition. My Gateway is now running in Trial Mode.
How can I change full Igniton back to Maker editon?

Changing between Ignition editions on-the-fly can be a little risky. It’s probably better to just reinstall if you have backups from 8.0.16, but if you want, you can try this:

  • backup all of your data (gateway backup, project backups)
  • modify the Java Additional Parameters section of ignition.conf (located in the data folder of your install directory) by adding this additional parameter:

Thanks James. It works. :+1: