Maker Version and MQTT

I recently loaded up the Maker version and I am trying to determine if access to the MQTT modules is made available for free or not. I would like to use NodeRed to send MQTT data to Ignition with a Maker license. Has anyone already done this?
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Can you please provide a short rundown of the components that you used in your solution?
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I have an active use case of node red and mosquitto As a test I used visual crossing weather to create a topic and publish to it. I am currently using it to publish to tags from open sprinkler and it seems to be working pretty well.

I used a variation on this flow except I put a json parser in it .
Publish messages to a topic : Node-RED (

So using Node-RED with MQTT nodes you can go right to Ignition or is there some software required in between? If software required in between what is everyone using?

You should be able to install the Cirrus Link MQTT modules in maker edition. Those should enable you to interface with MQTT services.

No I just set up the connection in node red then setup up the engine module using a custom namespace.