Maker version still possible on Raspberry Pi (RPi)?

I'm doing the course and use the Ignition Maker version.
Is this Maker version still installable on the RPI?
If so, specific requirements or suggestions regarding type of RPI and specs?
Anyone here with good experience?

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Make sure that you get one with at least 4 GB of RAM (though you can go smaller if needed, just be ready to tune the memory settings down pretty heavily and make sure to run in headless mode, no GUI). Nowadays there is decent support for 64-bit OS, you could go with Raspberry Pi OS and even Ubuntu (both are options from the Raspberry Pi Imaging Tool). Then couple that with the aarch64 Ignition zip installer:

wget --referer\* \

... and you're good to go after making a directory for it and then unzipping into there and going through the README (you can also install Docker on your Pi and use that instead).

FWIW, I've been installing Ubuntu on my Pi's lately and they've been working swimmingly. You can pair the latest Pi 5 with some NVMe storage too for a pretty capable little machine!


Thanks for the suggestions, very usable!