Makers edge aarch64 install? Is there a dedicated image?

I have installed the only image of Edge, that I could locate on the site, on my RASPI4. I have tried to use one of my 2 remaining license on the version I downloaded with no luck. Is there a dedicated image for aarch64 Makers or am I missing something else? The version is 8.1.7. DID I install a non Maker supported release?

You should be able to commission the AARCH64 version of 8.1.7 as Maker Edition.

I tried that download, but the gateway was unreachable. the one below works but can’t commision it as maker. does not give an option and will not accept token

On the one that was unreachable, can you provide the contents of the logs/wrapper.log?

Sorry it was a misunderstanding on my behalf. I thought edge was available under a Makers license. The maker arm version loaded just fine. I was just hoping for the light weight ‘Edge’, but I am not complaining. I am thankful for the opportunity to use such a fine product at an amazing price. You would never see A****** Br****** be as generous

The only thing that makes Ignition, Edge, or Maker any different are licensing restrictions. They are all as “heavy” or “light” as each other.

Thanks for the info. I am impressed with the level of support on this forum.