Making a dynamic table via dropdown value

Hi everyone,
I have a dropdown with two options siteA and siteB. I want to make a dynamic table based on the dropdown value user chose. I have made a binding between the table data prop and the dropdown value to decide which data should represent. However, the table was only updated one time, it didn’t change the data according to the dropdown value. Therefore, I decided to use a message handler. For each time, the user clicks to choose the dropdown value, it will send a refresh message to the table. But this method still did not work.

Thank you so much for your time.

How are you querying data on the table? This is a pretty common scenario, so I think we can help you out with this!

Thanks for your reply.
It was my fault when I run the query with a fixed parameter instead of using the dropdown value as an input parameter. When the size of code is growing, I find it hard to debug the scripts.