Making a test bench in perspective

I am trying to make some sort of test bench/table for a machine line. It would look like something like this:

On the left is the count of errors in production, on the right (the test "area") another table that can be reset with the button to 0 for each error, and new errors are counted from the reset time.

The main idea for this is sort of to compare the overall errors in production with determined times or events. e.g. the percentage of errors is high and the operator changes a part in the machine, he presses reset on the table and can compare to see if what they did had an effect in te continuation of the production.

Should I use a transaction group and message handler in the button for a reset condition? is this even possible? Or is there some way that could be done better?

The “reset” condition just represents a starting timestamp. The two tables are the same but for the timespan.

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