Making an alarm border in perspective

Hey, i am trying to make an alarm border in perspective, but i want it to change color depending on different tags. Also i like it to blink when the alarm isn't acknoledged. Has anybody an idea or example on how to do it?

Do you have multiple alarm tags? Or are you saying you have a single alarm tag and another collection of tags to change the colour?

I have multiple tags. when they change of value the color of the border needs to change too.

You just need to bind each tag to a custom property on one of your components/view, then use an expression binding on another custom prop which combines all of the other custom prop values together, e.g.:

({view.custom.tag1} + {view.custom.tag2} + {view.custom.tag3}) > 0

Then, if you're using Perspective Styles (recommended), use a property binding to pick the prop above which combines the tags, and a Map transform. Add a row for value true and then set the Output Value type to Style Class and select your style classes for true and for Fallback (false)

The style classes should set the borders up how you want them.