Making certain rows of a table uneditable based on condition?

Is there a way in ignition to make certain rows of a table un-editable based on condition? I’m sure this can be done with propertyChange, but I wanted to know if there was any built in methodology in Ignition to do this since it’s relatively simple.

My table data is three columns, a name, a number, and a boolean flag. If the boolean flag is true, then the user should be able to edit the row. If it is false, they cannot. Any way to do this with the table customizer or something?

Not with the ‘Table’ component, but this is definitely possible with the ‘Power Table’ - you’ll need to implement the isCellEditable extension function.


That answers that, thank you. You’d be a good person to ask this, is there any noticeable performance differences with the power table vs regular table? The application I inherited only uses tables, I was considering changing them to power tables at some point so I could use their extended functionality, but our application is already kind of slow and needs optimizing. Do the power tables generally run slower or faster than regular tables?

It really depends on what you’re doing within the tables. A base power table would probably run slightly faster with the same number of rows as an equivalent table component, but if you’re, say, doing something complex in the configureCell function that can change dramatically.

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