Making password protection

So i am trying to make login and password protected section as the first page in my perspective designer so that when you click on the login after a username and password it will bring you to the controls page of my designer. I am trying to have it so when i launch my page as a URL that my fist page in my designer will be password protected. The user using the interface will then have to type in his/her password in order to get to the next page. On ignition it says that i need an identity provider to do this. I am just wondering if it is possible just to simulate in some way without an identity provider.

On the gateway go to Config | Security | Users, Roles and add your user into the default. You may need to create some roles and assign those roles to the user.

To protect a view go to the Project Browser, right-click on the view, Configure View Permissions, and choose the roles.

Tip: “… that my fist page in my designer will be password protected …” No, you’re trying to set the first page in your application to be password protected.

You can just require a login to start a session. So by the time they get to the first page, they have already been verified. i.e. start session > user has to login > main view opens.
use this to require login, make sure to create credentials. and set user source