Making Text Component Visible When A Window Is Open

I was wondering if you can have a text component visible if a certain window is called open? I have a docked window that is always open and what I’m trying to do is have text visible that describes what window is open i.e. if I have manual controls on a screen, the text in the header would be “Manual Control”. I know that I could do this in the window title but that takes up real estate that I’d rather have for my components. Help is appreciated.

There are probably a few options:

  1. If there is only one other window open, maximized, you can use the “Current Window” system tag to show the window’s name. You can bind your label either directly to the tag value, or to an expression, if you want to get a better description for the window.

  2. Create your own client tag and update it in the internalFrameActivated event for the windows you’re interested in.

  3. If multiple windows could be open, you could define your own script module that had “registerWindow” and “unregisterWindow” functions that in turn updated a tag, and call them from the window open/close events, or from your navigation system, and then bind to the tag.

I’m sure there are other ideas (though scripting, for example, you could get a list of the open windows), but hopefully one of these is good enough.