Making the bean info/component properties normal for a custom component?

I am trying to make a custom vision component. I am going off of the archetype maven provides, but am using the ignition-sdk-example of the vision-component as a guide to try and learn how things work manually as I find its how I learn best.

One thing I cannot figure out. When I use the archetype example of a vision component and bring it into a window directly, I get every property possible -

Whereas the Hello World example from ignition-sdk-examples is much more normal to what people are used to -

I compare the from the archetype to the in ignition-sdk-example and the only difference I can see are a handful of imports and the ignition-sdk-example does more addProp/removeProps, but its not like it had to removeProp(‘accessibilityContext’) to not show that. Beyond that I can’t see the difference or why the archetype component is bringing in what looks like every single java swing property.

The only other real difference I see are in the client java files. The ignition-sdk-example has a public main function that makes a JFrame and stuffs the HelloWorld component inside of it while the archetype lacks this - is that what is potentially going wrong? Any explanation would be appreciated.