Making Waterfall Chart in Ignition?

Hi All,

Do anyone created a waterfall chart in Ignition. If yes please share a project file. Other wise please help me to create a waterfall chart in igniton. Reference. Thanks in advance.


You might be able to use Apex Charts (search the forum for the module wrapped up by KyvisLabs

Hmm, actually apexcharts doesn't have a waterfall chart... Link might be useful regardless for something else though

If anyone is looking at this in the future, I've made a waterfall chart following this guide to make a stacked bar chart - Stacked Bar Chart in Perspective - Detailed Steps - #3 by Arnaud_Declerck and changing the bottom bar of the stack to have an opacity of 0. You will likely need to massage the data in your dataset a little to get everything lined up as it should be but that's just scripting a little arithmetic.