Managing LInt type of Siemens S7-1500

Hi, I am entering into the world of Ignition and I am enjoying it a lot.

Now I am testing communication with a plc ‘Siemens S7-1500’ using the ‘Ignition OPC-UA Server’ (Ignition Platform 7.6.3 - b2013090513).
Question: “Which is the right ‘OPC Item Path’ I have to declare in order to have read and write access to a ‘Siemens S7-1500’ LInt (8 bytes integer) data type”?

I have already tested with success the read and write of these ‘OPC Item Path’:

Thank you!

Dang, there’s no support for 8-byte datatypes in the driver right now. Unfortunately that means you’ll have to bring in two 4-byte integers side by side and then create an expression tag that ORs them together properly in the meantime.

Hi Kevin,
what a pity! Anyway no problem; I am going to follow your suggestion.
Question: have you any info about a possible release date of 8-bytes integer supported by the driver?
Thank you!