Mantaining the historian database

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can provide some insights on the best approach to handle the historian database over a certain period of time.

Some overview about our setup: we run our Ignition instances in an infrastructure composed by two sites. The site A, where the main Ignition instance (plus redundancy) lives, handles the data acquisition and historian storage. It's in this site where our main operations take place. Site B uses an Ignition instance which connects to A through a Gateway Network. Ignition B also has access to the historian, but through a replication mechanism from A to B. The purpose of B is to provide a (read-only) connection point for off-site operators.
Currently, our historian grows at 2 GB/day, and it's at 55% of the db capacity on site A. For technical reasons this capacity of A cannot be increase (but data purge is possible, provided a consistent backup on B).

We were wondering if anyone knows if there's a way to maintain transparent queries between the A and its successive backups at B. If not, does anyone have any insights on what's the best way to handle this continuous db growth with this setup?

Thanks in advance.

That implies that you are running your production database on the same server as your Ignition gateway. Fix that first. I can't think of a technical reason to keep them on the same server. Having it separate also makes future DB upgrades/redundancy/clustering independent of the Ignition installation.

If you have other reasons to keep them together, you will probably have to prune the data in your DB. Or compress older data. The latter is very dependent on the features of your brand of DB.