Manual/Auto-Acknowledging of Alarms

I was unsure as to whether or not I should post this in the FactoryPMI or FactorySQL section. I was looking through the IA Demo application and saw that alarms are being Auto-Acknowledged on the Alarm History screen.

I noticed in the sqlt_meta table, the field ‘intvalue’ is equal to 1 for the corresponding field ‘name’=alertackmode, which seems to correspond to ‘Ack Mode’ of ‘Auto’ in the alert properties of the corresponding tag in FactoryPMI. If I change the mode to Manual, intvalue (in the table) changes to 2. However, If I modify the value in the table and then open up the tag properties, the Ack Mode doesn’t seem to change and the alarms are still being auto-acknowledged. Am I missing something?

First off, let me say that editing SQLTag configurations directly in the database is NOT the preferred method- instead you should use the designer, where you can edit multiple tags at once, search for tags with certain properties and edit all of them at once, etc.

That said, if you just can’t resist the urge to edit them in the tables, you need “touch” the “configchange” column in “sqlt_core” for the row that corresponds to the tag you edited. For example, “UPDATE sqlt_core SET configchange=CURRENT_TIMESTAMP WHERE id=5”.

That’s what lets the system know that a tag has been modified, and needs to be reloaded.


Makes sense. Should I be binding a tag to the aforementioned entries? I wasn’t able to find any other setting to conveniently set the Ack mode.

Thanks in advance.


If I’m reading this right, you are asking if you should bind a tag to each alarms acknowledge mode, right? Assuming that you are using a button, drop down list, or some other component for the user to change all alarms between auto-ack and manual, I think you will be better off writing a script that runs the two SQL queries for you. If you do want control over individual alarms, then yes, SQLTags may work better.