Manual Security Setup

There seems to be some difference between the 7.5 and 7.6 manual security setup. I’m setting up a 7.6 gateway but can’t seem to get authentication to work. The setup page is different from a working example I have on a 7.5.10 system. Here’s what I’m trying to do:

Authentication query:
SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM USERS WHERE Username = ? AND Password = SHA1(?)
List Roles Query:
SELECT Rolename from ROLES
User’s Role Query:
SELECT Rolename from USER_ROLE_MAPPING where Username = ?
SELECT Username,FirstName,LastName,Notes FROM USERS

All I get when trying to log in is a nondescript ‘SQL exception during authentication’ error.

On the older versions setup there are other fields such as Hash Function and variables like username and password are listed like $username$ and $password$. The newer one just uses ?'s in the examples. What am I doing wrong. Thanks for any help.