Manually add record to Audit Table

Hi guys, I am trying to manually add a record to the Audit_Events Table. May i know that it is possible or not ? For example, when the value of the tags change it will automatically insert the event log to the audit events table.


New in 8.0.13, system.util.audit is a scripting function that will let you manually add to the audit table. You could put it in a gateway tag change script or a tag event script to monitor changes.

Can i put system.util.audit in the user input field or it is necessary to put in the button field ? I had try to put the scripting in the user input field but it did not work for me. Please advice. Thanks

Did you read the docs @zacht referenced? It has all the info you need, including code examples.

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You’ll need to give more details if you want a useful answer. Show your code here (copy and paste inside tick marks to preserve formatting). Where did you put the code? What does ‘did not work for me’ mean? Where there any error messages/logs?

Problem Solved. Thanks for your information