Map Component constantly re-centering itself

Hi all. Is there a way that I can make it so that the map component is not constantly re-centering itself on update of Longitude and Latitude. I want to be able to scroll through the map without having the map constantly reload my current location.

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Hi Cam,

If the longitude and the latitude of the map's center property are changed, it will cause the map to update to the new location. Depending on the configuration and/or logic on your map, there may be a way to stop or delay the updates while you scroll the map.

If you can share your map's configuration, and any logic regarding the center property, then we may be able to provide more accurate suggestions.

Hi Bryson,

The map configurations are the base ones minus the props->init->center is bound to the geolocation longitude and latitude values in the session properties



That's your problem. Don't use a binding if you don't want the geolocation values to always govern the map. Instead, use property change events and, when not appropriate, skip the write to the map's center coordinates.

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I created a startup script on the Map comportment that uses the 'flyTo' function and passed it the initial Latitude and Longitude values to present the similar start-up as before without the negative side effects.

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