Map marker binding

I have configured a table with latitude and longitude, Enabled SubView and passed the Latitude and Longitude as a parameter.
I am able to see different maps for each row in the table. But when i bind the same params value to the markers in the map, it does not show up for different instances.
How can i pass the same latitude and longitude value to the marker from a sub view of the table?

The perspective table with a configured subview, implicitly passes a rowData object that should have a key for each of your columns. So on the child view if you have an input parameter object named rowData with a key for longitude, and one for latitude. Then try using those in your marker binding, look at your table and see what you get.

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After working on this for a couple of hours I found that by following the subview tutorial very closely I had success.

Key learning: the subview input parameter that accepts the implicitly passed rowData must be named value (and not rowData).

@kgamble, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.