Map panning doesn't work correctly in mobile mode

This can be easily replicated even with online demo project in map section
Panning map around, cause the map randomly zoom in and out at the same time.
This is only happen in perspective mobile app.

Test on ignition 8.1.12

In following video I only they to pan the map vertically but it shows the map also zoom in and out at the same time

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@nader.chinichian, Not seeing the same behavior in iOS v1.0.1

May it is only for Android app

I believe this to be an Android pinch zoom issue that is being seen on the mobile app only. If that is the case, we have a ticket for this already, categorized as relatively high priority. We will address the issue soon. Thanks for the report.

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So we have to download latest Android app to fix.
Glad to hear

@ynejati I am experiencing the same problem. do you know when it is fixed?

No definite timeline. Soon, however. We’ll do our best.

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I wanted to know if there is any news on this issue.
or any way to disable pinching on the map please.

A fix was merged a couple days ago. So, it should be available in the next version of the app.

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thanks you