Map tool customization

Is there a way to display an image of the map instead of the default map display?

I’m trying to build a geo-aware system that’s showing things that aren’t near roads. I’d like to be able to drop pins on things and have those pins activate popup views. I understand how to do the pin-related things on the Ignition map control. I just don’t know how to show a satellite image of the “field” that I want to mark up.

I also know how to embed a google map in an iFrame but I don’t like how it has all the pins on there that are meaningless to my application and I don’t like how it zeroes in on the address I enter before it uses the coordinate offset I want to use (there isn’t an address to the thing I want to actually show).

While we only provide the default map, you do have the ability to use a service that provides other images to the component.

An example with the Mapbox API would be configured in the following way.:

  • layers.raster.tile[0].url:{mapId}/{z}/{x}/{y}.png?access_token={accessToken}
  • layers.raster.tile[0].urlTemplateParams.accessToken (property added by you): <Your Mapbox API Token>
  • layers.raster.tile[0].urlTemplateParams.mapId (property added by you): <Map Name, e.g. satellite or mapbox-terrain-v2>

{z} is automatically provided for you for zoom level, as well as {x} and {y} for coordinates based on this definition.

There are many other services you can use, this is just an example of how you would configure settings when making a call to a service to provide the tiles.

For additional information on what can be rendered, the map component is Leaflet which may be of some help as well.


PubNub allows development of geocentric applications on mobile devices using google maps or mapbox api’s see their tutorials sections on for demos. Integration of PubNub with Ignition is supported by RM-SCADA tool developed by us which can work with any older version of Ignition not only 8. See introduction/demo of RM-SCADA tool at


Thanks for the replies. I got help from support and they got a map working for me before these responses but their fix was in line with @ggross’s reply. It’s good to have it here for future searches though. I was planning to post it here when I had time (whenever that is lol).