Maps in 7.9.LTS

I have a requirement to display maps, but also give the end-user the ability to pin locations and draw lines (not always straight lines!).

Yes, Ignition 8.0.x would be good for this but for now, I have to use 7.9.X (will always be the LTS version).

@Kyle_Chase or anyone with experience with Kymera maps?

I’m happy enough to embed an iFrame with the Web Browser module, but as for drawing on it and having that scale with the navigation…?

Interacting with the web browser module is hard, you can’t really get any data from it into Ignition. The only option is to also offer a server application that catches the data and sends it back to Ignition.

I have no experience with Kymera maps, but it offers a 2 hour trial (like all modules) so you should be able to test the module.

If you can get the bounding box of the map into Ignition, you can actually do everything else by scripting the positions of some templates.

Thanks for your reply, I will load it into a demo box for testing.

Using the Kymera Map Panel module, you can draw multi-segment lines, and add new pin locations. If you reach out to our support, that can help get you going.

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