Margin/padding doesn't work as expected for Downtime Event in Equipment Scheduler

I'm using the Equipment Scheduler component and want the scheduled events to appear in the top half of the row and the downtime events to appear in the bottom half. I don't want them to overlap.

I can adjust the margin for the scheduled events to get them to appear how I want, but it doesn't work for downtime events. If I set marginTop to 20, it shifts the whole event down into the next row. Adjusting marginBottom doesn't help.

Any recommendations on how to get it to look how I want?

Undesirable look where downtime event gets pushed into next row:

Example of desired look, in Excel:

Hi @Andrea_Rector,

There's currently a ticket that's opened to get this issue resolved. There isn't particularly a good solution outside of using something like a semi-transparent border on the downtime event. I'll keep you posted when the issue is fixed. Thanks.

Does the solution also address padding on the downtime event label? Adding padding stretches the downtime event into the next row as well.