Markdown Component Show a md File

Could the markdown component show a markdown file?

I tried pasting the markdown as is in the source property of the component but it doesn’t render the table and it makes everything a header type (#) that is at the begging if the source string.

Putting it in the source is the right thing to do, but tables are an extension to the original markdown syntax and I wonder if our library/component supports them or not…

Nope, tables actually do work for me. What syntax are you using?

Ok, I see. I removed everything around the table (headers using # and code blocks using `) and the table renders fine.

My markdown text renders fine in VS code and GitHub but when I paste all of it into the markdown component, it just renders as large text, like its all a header 1 (#).

I must have missed some text when copying it over because it is working properly now.

Thanks for confirming that it works.