Markdown escapeHtml corrupts view when in Designer mode

I'm using the Markdown component as a means of generating a CSS/HTML chart. To do this I have escapeHtml : false. This causes the view to get corrupted and rearranges the other components on the view making editing very awkward.

Markdown escapeHtml

The Markdown component is in a flex view. Note how the Markdown container size shrinks when escapeHtml is false and any other components on the view get sucked inside with odd scaling and visibility.

  1. Is this a known problem?
  2. Is there a fix or a workaround that would make editing a better experience?

For anyone interested in the chart, progress can be tracked on CSS 3D cuboid gauge.

check my example in the other post, i put in a class to fix this, i think its the same issue atleast.
escaped html gets wrapped inside an empty div, causing some sizing issues.
} .psc-fixMarkdownElementHeight > div{height:100%; width:100%}{

note sometimes its get wrapped inside a span, which means you are not parsing the html correctly (some newlines or tabs idk), you should fix the parsn-ing, not try to addapt the style to span, span behaves different, its not a block elemt (though you can make it behave like that with display:inline-block)

Thanks, as always, Victor.

I added } .psc-fixMarkdownElementHeight > div{height:100%; width:100%}{ to the markdown's but it didn't make any difference. I didn't code any tags in the markdown HTML and I don't see any when I inspect it in the browser tools.

I'll post the latest version over on CSS 3D cuboid gauge shortly.

Do you see this?

Figure 1. Here's the setup.

Figure 2. Here's the result.

I don't see an empty <div>.