Markdown Property "source" Window Really Small

I was curious to know if there was a better way to implement html code into my perspective project without using the Markdown property? The text window is really small and the formatting is quite simple (understatement). I am writing tons of Html code in it and I don't know how to expand the editor. Is there a better way to do this? Thanks!

I think you mean without using the source property of the Markdown component.

If you open the Markdown editor you can resize it by dragging the lower right corner. You'll see the cursor change to the diagonal double-ended arrow when you're in the right spot.

Beware of the "background dismissable" property of this editor. You could have created a masterpiece of markdown, accidentally click outside it or Alt-Tab to another window and it's all gone! I started editing in Notepad++ and then copy and paste into the multiline editor popup.

Yes thats what I mean ty. Bummer, so I will have to continue using the source property. Yeah there were a few close calls I had. Okay well hopefully at some point they design a component that is specifically tailored toward html code. Or maybe thats what the Web Dev provides...never got a chance to take a look at it

As a matter of interest, what are you creating that can't be done with the built-in components?

honestly, I want to have a better grasp of html. In school for soft dev and attempting a full stack project so might as well use it whenever I can.

One of the design goals of Perspective is to not have to work with HTML and JS. That you can inject either of the latter into a Perspective page is an expert tool to work around missing features, not a general invitation to design that way. (Expect to annoy bosses/clients if you make an unmaintainable mess.)

Yeah maybe I'm in the wrong industry :sweat_smile: