Marking up blueprints

I’m working on a project, effectively to load up a blue print in an ignition window, and giving the user the ability to highlight areas of the blueprint. The highlighted areas will be linked to other information in our existing database, all hot linkable.

The main issue I’m having is figuring out the best way to give the users the ability to drag and drop shapes or highlight areas to link, in a test page I’ve shown some success but nothing is not scaleable.

What i’ve tried so far is loading the blueprint, in a pdf viewer or as an image in a paintable canvas, and drag existing Rectangle shapes around. From there I can double click on the shape, and link to the proper instrument. Tracking all of this information in the database gets confusing, and I’m not sure what the best way is to implement the user being able to create as many rectangle shapes as they want while keeping track of it all in SQL.

I’m also not sure if a simple pdf viewer and shapes is the way to go. I’m testing Template Canvas but am novice at it.

At this stage of the project, I’ll be satisfied with the ability to create scalable shapes or images, that are linkable, keeping track of where they’re placed, and to be able to load a different blueprints and actively load all highlight objects.