Mass import of OPC tags to historical transaction group


I was wondering if there is any way to import a JSON or an XML of sorts with tag definitions/OPC tag paths to a transaction group instead of dragging and dropping from the tag browser. I have an UDT where I need to log two tags within the UDT structure to the same SQL table as some other tags that aren’t in the UDT so I was thinking using a Historical transaction group would be the simplest as I can drag the tags in there.
However this seems very time-consuming if there are a ton og UDTs that need to be implemented into the transaction group. I was unable to see any way to directly link the historical tab in the tag editor to a transaction group or anything of the sort


You can’t. Transaction groups are not really automated. They are a tool for drag-and-drop configuration of recording into wide tables. If you need something more dynamic, gateway events (timer/scheduled/tag) are your answer. Anything that a transaction group does can be done with an event script, with more flexibility.

Alright thanks for the response!
I will see what I end up doing. For now it will be fine using drag and drop to a transaction group as this customer doesnt have that much data but I will see if I think out a smart way to solve it if a customer in the future needs more data in this way.

If you don’t need runtime changes, consider using XML import/export of your transaction groups.

I was not aware that this was possible to do. This is perfect. The export as XML option was hidden under the shift + right click option. Runtime changes on these transaction groups will not be needed I’m pretty sure but if I were to do an XML export and import at a later date will this mess up the previous data in the table if I decide that the newly imported XML writes to the same table in the database?

Edit: I have done some tests now and it seem to be working well. I will be careful if I decide to change the XML buildup while the system is fully running. Thanks for the help