Mass SQL Tag Historical Insertion From Client

I have implemented your click to graph system for dynamic chart creation, and am impressed with the results. I am looking forward to rolling this out to the organization here.

The weakness that I see with this is that I need to add all of the tags I want to trend directly from OPC, then go through them one-by-one and make them historical so that they can be accessed from the click to graph client at runtime. Also, if I haven’t added the historical tags from OPC into SQL tags, I have to do this manually every single time before my users can add them into their click to graph charts. This can get tedious with thousands of possible points that they may want at different times.

Two questions:

-Can I do a bulk import that makes the imported tags all historical from the get-go without having to go to each one and manually set it up following import into SQL tags?
-Is there a way to allow my users to browse the OPC server for tags and import them, add them into the historical list, and then add them into click to graph directly from the client at runtime?[/ul]


In regards to turning history on for tags, you can multi-edit them by selecting multiple and right clicking, or use the “tag search” button on the tag browser window. That is, if you add a bunch of opc items, and want to make them all historical, you can select them all and turn it on once.

As for adding tags to history from the client, unfortunately this is currently isn’t really very possible. If you were to use an “external tag provider” instead of the default internal one, the tags would be stored in a database, and you could make screens to edit them, turn on history, etc. However, you wouldn’t be able to browse OPC from the the client, so if you wanted to add new points to the tag system, you would have to know the address in advance. This type of ability (that users can add tags to history) has come up more and more frequently, so it’s definitely something that will get improved at some point.