Master is not available. Backup is available, node is inactive

I have an operator running client on their computer workstation while connected to the master. There is a master and backup for Ignition. They are having issues from time to time where the red overlay on components will appear for a while and then go away. Sometimes it happens long enough for a message box to appear stating
" Master is not available
Read timed out
Backup is available, node is unactive"

The setting on the Read Timeout for a client is 10,000ms.
The setting for Redudancy Setting Failover Timeout is also 10,000ms.

We are thinking the issue is that the work station that client is running on is losing connection with the master. This would explain why the backup is available but unactive, and explain the statement that the master is unavailable. I was just wondering if anyone has seen this error before and could confirm this theory? Any help will be appreciated!

I’ll confirm that for you. :slight_smile: